Holistic Plant-Based Food With A Creative Touch


My name is Karin van Hal...

…and I’d love to bring the world to your plate! 

With Cuisine Pachamama I create the most delicious, colourful and healthy plant-based meals in harmony with Mother Nature. 

My passion for nature and food started already at a young age. I’m born as a Dutch farmer’s girl and at our family home the kitchen has always been the central place in the house. A place where everyone felt welcome for a cup of coffee, a warm soup or a freshly baked piece of my mum’s apple pie.  

I took those cozy kitchen feelings with me and up until this day the kitchen is my favourite place! 

The smells, the colours, the flavours; cooking is a magical ritual of exploring and discovering new pathways time and time again. Every meal is a journey in itself. An adventure into the unknown as no dish ever tastes the same.

I cook at retreats, spiritual festivals and communities around Europe. My homebase is still in The Netherlands but with my campervan Gaia I’m free to go wherever I’m called to. I hope to meet you soon!

Karin xxx

Retreat Chef

Nourishing, tasty and colourful food

I’m a passionate retreat chef specialised in creating nourishing, tasty and colourful plant-based food creations for your yoga or healing retreat.

During the meals is when your guests get to meet each other and share their beautiful life stories. I love to create a warm, open atmosphere and make sure that every meal is a celebration.

For me cooking is a form of art. It’s finding the sweet spot of a perfect balance of nutrients, flavours, colours, textures and a beautiful presentation of every meal. 

I only work with fresh, preferably organic & seasonal ingredients. Healthy natural food with a creative touch. A pleasure for the eyes and, if possible, a story. 

You can safely leave everything related to the food into my hands, so you can fully focus on what you’re best at; creating a wonderful retreat for your guests.

food consultancy

Vegan dishes on your restaurant menu


The world of food is changing. The plant-based or vegan market is growing exponentially. The number of vegans has doubled in the past 4 years and reached a percentage of 8% of the population in The Netherlands.

As a restaurant owner, you can’t ignore this trend and if you want to stay on top of your game, you have to integrate vegan cuisine into your menu. 

Nowadays in almost every family or group of friends there’s at least one vegan or vegetarian and the group choses the place where this person is also taken care off. 

Read more about how I can help you create easy to prepare customised vegan dishes adapted to your restaurant concept with mostly ingredients you already have in stock.


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